Yoshi Sushi & Teppanyaki - a story about the passion for top Japanese kitchen, good karma, happiness and beautiful people. A restaurant with both a cool and an elegant design. A special place where you can taste Japanese delight, where you can enjoy a welcoming ambient, a friendly team and a positive energy.
YOSHI, which can be translated into english - “luck” - has three distinct zones and two Teppanyaki tables where you can enjoy a live culinary show, an eco-friendly room of more than 50 table seats, with walls and furniture designed in a style that reminds you of a Japanese fish market, with a generous and comfortable terrace for the hot summer days. The terrace has also a minimalist designed bar where you can enjoy a special range of cocktails.



Japanese kitchen is about love, tradition and the art of simplicity. Our master Chef VOVA, together with the team, created a tasty and complex menu with over 50 specific Japanese dishes and with other international accents. The menu includes the selection of tasty Japanese sups: Kinoko Miso soup, Tepmpura Wanko Udon or Kinoko Surinagashi.
The most appreciated dishes are: the Japanese style Black Code with Miso sauce, The Royal Shrimp (India), Lobster Tail, Wagyu Beef, Foie Grass with raspberry and berry sauce. Just as good you can find the duck breast or the Baby Saint Jaques, but also more affordable dishes like chicken, vegetable or meat rice, or even different style of pasta. Desserts are artistic but tasty, fine, and light all at the same time.




In 2019, Yoshi changed its design, increased its capacity and launched a new menu with many more dishes.
Yoshi also opened Teppanyaki, where Chef Vova and his team prepare food in the most traditional Japanese style.
So, Yoshi has become the perfect place for lunch or dinner, for corporate and special events, conferences and many more.

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When it comes to events: Christmas party, cocktail party, company day, corporate parties, teambuilding, conferences, birthdays, baptisms, starting this year you can also count on us, to benefit from a custom event.

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